Whatever you call it, you still get the news on the iPad you want

It was called ‘Times’ and we talked about it before. But now, on of our favorite (means we use it a lot) news readers has more features and a new name: “Pulp“.

News readers for the iPad come in basically two flavors; You control the incoming news sources on the iPad, or it is controlled through your Google Reader acct. Pulp is the first, you completely control the news sources and how you read your news all on the iPad. There is a desktop version of the software too but the two aren’t required to talk to tune your incoming news.

As you would expect, Pulp shows your news in overviews via landscape or portrait. And, you can drill into any news item by tapping on the brief text.

The resulting page can be viewed as the tuned text or a pull of the actual Web site article complete with everything else on the Web page.

You return to the overview from an article by swiping the lower bar upward, an interesting UI that gets quick to use when you do the swipe via your thump of the hand holding the iPad.

Pulp allows has many options to fine turn your news. Tap the ‘Edit’ button in the upper right corner. You will have the ability to now add more feeds, remove feeds and adjust the settings for each news feed. This settings tab is how you get to the new Magic Reader feature, more info below…

The Display tab offers the ability to set how many articles shows in the overview and how the overview will look… text only, text with side images, large images, etc…

From Pulp’s View Articles settings tab, you choose what you will see when you tap a news item from the overview page. Inline is a text and light graphics version of the article, Web View is presenting you with the full Web page view of the article and now… the new feature is ‘Magic Reader’ where you get the full article without all of the Web site extra images.

Like other ‘readers’, an article is presented with some graphics and the light version of the article when in the ‘Default (Inline)’ view.

If you choose to have the Magic Reader version of the article, you get the full text of the article without all the extras. Now there is no need to go from a headline to a short description to a article… Pulp cuts out the extra step to get to what you want in a layout to read fast!

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