AccelaStudy adds iPad support, learning languages on the go

AccelaStudy has long been on many of our iPhones. The app comes in a variety of languages to be learned, all the usual and a few unusual. The latest update makes AccelaStudy a Universal app so one copy can be installed on both the iPhone and iPad. Mobile language learning just came to our iPads ‘on the go’.

This solution uses a lot of spoken word audio that you match to a word on the screen. A method of language learning that seems to work for most folks. The ‘Flashcards’ and ‘quizes’ options seem to help speed learning along.

The installed AccelaStudy app does contain all of the audio and print words so you do not have to be connected to the Internet to use. There is a ‘translation’ feature that if used does reach out to the net though.

Quick list of features:

• PRONOUNCE each word perfectly after listening to NATIVE SPEAKER audio for all words.
• SPACED REPETITION feature helps you quickly memorize new words
• Automatic STATISTICS help you track your learning progress
• Searchable DICTIONARY of all vocabulary
• Flashcards
• Multiple Choice Quiz
• Audio Quiz
• Over 200 of the most commonly used Italian VERBS
• Translate any word, phrase, or sentence using the built-in translator. Powered by Google Translate.
• Learn over 2,400 basic and advanced VOCABULARY words in 60+ subject areas, including Colors, Days, Months, Seasons, Numbers and Counting, Time, Weather, Directions, Food and Drink, Cooking, Meals, Clothing, Moods and Attitudes, Shapes, Anatomy, Medical, Nature and the Outdoors, Animals, Banking and Business, Family and Relationships, Music.

Several of us are working on our Italian now… a recent trip proved out the importance of being able to speak the local language even if “everyone speaks American”.

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