Flipping through the news on the iPad just got better

Flipboard… you remember Flipboard (What is all this talk about Flipboard for the iPad?)? It’s that FREE news reader app for the iPad that does news, news feeds and social networking in a whole new way of viewing. As the name says, you ‘flip’ through the pages of your news feeds, stopping on what matters. Everything is automatically arranged like a little magazine for you.

An update to FlipBoard has really made it for the rest of us. There will always be the hold outs for news readers that list the news, it’s perfect for some folks. But, the new added features in FlipBoard has brought in more news and is more customizable to people’s way of getting their news. How far off is the days of newspapers just pushing their daily news to a FlipBoard feed?!

Your Google Reader account is now supported! Get a whole new view of your Google Reader news feeds.

You can now create new status updates, post photos, and even share Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader. Created from anywhere inside of Flipboard.

You can cross post between Twitter, Facebook, and Google Reader. Basically, push a post you like out to your favorite social network friends.

You can flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed.

For Twitter, you can also browse your Tweets, Twitter Favorites, @mentions and lists. You can also tap on a friend’s avatar icon in Flipboard to be brought to their profile or see their tweets.

Fully-justified text with hyphenation and faster access to the stories with faster load times.

Eliminated of the “read on web” button. Flipboard now automatically loads the original web page, RSS feed or Flipboard Pages view of a story when you tap on an excerpt.

Tap on a masthead from anywhere in the magazine and choose from a list of related features and recommended sections for quick viewing.

What’s New in Version 1.1

★ Sync with Google Reader to read your feeds, folders and friends’ shared items. Star, share and comment on stories.
★ Browse all Flickr has to offer, including photostream, favorites, groups, your contacts’ photos and interesting photos of the day .
★ Read full content right away with more beautiful layout. Flip through gorgeous Flipboard Pages from Washington Post, Bon Appetit and more.
★ Flip through your Facebook groups, fan pages, and photos from your feed. Browse your tweets, Twitter favorites, @mentions and lists.
★ Post photos, status updates and even Flipboard pages across Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.
★ Switch between sections faster using our instant section selector. Enjoy faster performance throughout your Flipboard.

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