WebEx delivers a real solution for the iPad

It appears that WebEx is taking the iPad serious.

Since the release of the first version, we have been using the app to view WebEx presentations from anywhere we can connect. With it’s speed to connect and the portability of the iPad, we can now join remotely. Even when using our desktop to present, we have the presentation fired up on the iPad so we can see what others are seeing.

A limitation of not being able to set up an event via the iPad has been cured with the newest version!! Version 2.0’s highlights:

Host capabilities now available, including:

• Schedule a meeting
• Start a meeting
• Invite others to a meeting
• Delete a meeting
• Pass presenter capabilities to another participant

One way, multipoint WebEx High Quality Video on the iPad (converged web, audio and high quality video) with:

• Up to 4 simultaneous videos in a video carousel; scroll to see more
• Video switching based on Active Speaker technology
• Full Screen Video Mode
• Floating Video

Setting up meetings with our iPads means that when we are mobile, we can still set up new meetings with clients and present from anywhere we have an Internet connection. Version 2.0 does not share your ‘desktop’ or ‘Keynote’ so you do have to do a step of uploading your presentation to WebEx for showing. That doesn’t take long and is done for a lot of our presentations anyway rather than depending on presenting directly from our desktop.

The video capabilities is nice for seeing videos presented by others. In the past we just saw a box with nothing happening (thinking we had a setting wrong). Video is becoming more popular in presentations so now we are left out when viewing on the iPad.