Giggle your way through iPad game play

We have been Bejeweled players around the office for many years. Competing against our latest high score or against our friends… it has sucked up many hours that we should have been working. Not that this is a bad thing. What makes Bejeweled a top playing game is that it is fast to start up, it takes all of a minute of your time and gets your mind off of things. Playing just one game can be more difficult than you would think since you just know the next game will be your new high score game. Sadly, Bejeweled has yet to be made HD for the iPad so we have to play in 2x mode.

A new addition to this type of gaming fun, made for the iPad, is Mr. Giggle. The Mr Giggle app comes in a free and a HD version for both the iPad and iPhone (not universal).  The game is a bit of Tetris like grouping of colored face blocks but instead of the machine dropping blocks you group by sliding. Simple eh?

So, you start with a game board of many happy faces… and a couple minutes on the clock!

By sliding the rows side to side and up/down, you make little groups like these to remove those pieces. Mr Giggle only gives you a couple minutes to get your high score. At first, it’s a ‘whatever’ game, then it starts to be game after game… funny how it’s the simple little puzzles that will suck you in. There is enough time to play a few games during commercial breaks or before a meeting, no one is ever on time.

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