iPad is back in the kitchen with cooking timers

The iPad in the kitchen, while it wont cook for you, it makes a great assistant. We have covered a couple cook books (If you have an iPad, Gordon Ramsay is in your kitchen and No time better than now for an iPad recipe app) we have enjoyed and a iSkin wrap (iSkin Duo iPad Case, Good Enough To Steal) for a bit of protection… as well a stand (The Loop). All of these have gotten real time use to help our families get the dinner onto the table without destroying our fine electronic pads.

To keep us on track, and since we can never remember what time we actually put the food in the oven, we tried a variety of stopwatch/timers. Today, one of the team walked in showing off a ‘kitchen’ timer app that is actually written specifically for using to cook with.

The app, KitchenPad Timer, is a universal app so you can buy once and install on both your iPad and iPhone. They layout is very nice when viewed on either but as you can see it is really built for the iPad.

The single view of the app will allow you to set a timer for four stove top and four ovens. Each of these timers can have the name of the dish assigned to it and KitchenPad Timer also allows for a variety of alarm sounds.