iPad, the math teaching machine

Oh iPad, where were you back when we were in math class? Lucky for other family members, they get to enjoy the power now. Sure, the Mac used to have a fun graphic ‘calculator’ but those where the days of ‘luggable’ sized ‘notebooks’.

With the help of Wolfram, our iPad becomes an advance math teaching device and even solution provider for those problems we just aren’t getting solved.

You may remember Wolfram Alpha from our early iPad posts, they offered a advanced information tool that gave answers to questions you may have. To make any of the Wolfram Alpha apps work, you really need a internet connect since most of the ‘smarts’ are on their big servers.

The ‘math’ app that caught our attention was the Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant, mostly because one of our team was looking for info to help their son at school. Not all parents will be able to remember their Algebra formulas, so this option comes in pretty handy to help working through the formulas to get to the final answer. If you are concerned about school aged members just using it to get to the answers, keep it on your iPad as a refresher so you can personally assist.

The apps provide by Wolfram Alpha are universal so have it on your iPad and on your iPhone for quick reference. A few Wolfram Alpha offerings include:

Wolfram Alpha Knowledge App

Algebra Course Assistant

Calculus Course Assistant

Music Theory Course Assistant