Written notes on the iPad for work and family fun

We have covered a few options for writing notes on the screen of the iPad. Apps that have notebooks of pages that a person can write on in meetings. Many have specialized features like types of pens, paper, backgrounds, and syncing.

Are you a person that needs to write or draw sketches in multiple colors of pens? You know who you are… your on the phone and you switch pens or highlight text to make different things stand out. You may even circle and underline and draw arrows from one area to another. We have an app for you!

Ghostwriter Notes for the iPad does a couple things and it does them really well. It provides super quick access to switch the type of writing instrument your using, they allow all sorts of paper types to be written on including a screenshot or image you have stored on your iPad, and Ghostwriter provides a quick method to create and move from one notebook to another.

In ‘landscape’ view, you have access to naming the notepad, enter a description and choose between color pencils, color pens, markers or type. Interesting, while there is a ‘undo’, there isn’t an eraser tool. This hasn’t effected us but we can see that some folks like to write and then tune their notes later.

While the pens are not on the screen all of the time like in the Landscape view. The Portrait view of your work area in Ghostwriter Notes is brought up with one tap of the ‘Tools’ button. Tap the button again to hide the pens.

Moving from one Notebook to another, creating new notepads and naming are all done through the one ‘notepad’ button. The first tap presents you with a thumbnail view of the pages in that notebook, then you can go up a level to get to other notebooks.

Sharing is a button away. Just choose the ‘share’ button, name the document (the one your currently viewing) and share as a PDF to iTunes share or through email. An ‘image’ of the page can also be saved to your iPad’s photo area. A nice extra that GhostWriter offers is the ability to choose how many pages your sending, other solutions offer one or all but nothing in between.

While you can write anywhere on the screen. You can also choose to have a writing area or keyboard pop up along the lower part of the screen for more precision. The gray box that the text from the lower box appears in can be manually or will auto move as you write. The writing area at the bottom of the screen can be sized to allow for cleaner text on the lines.

From the ‘Paper’ button, you can choose a lined, graph, plain paper or an image from your Photo area. We like to take screenshots of maps or articles then use Ghostwriter to write over the top of and notate.  You could also create a form to fill out, if you make it  768 x 916 you will see it full resolution on the iPad, other sizes will auto-stretch to fit.

“Even a kid could do it!” Last week we mentioned how it’s nice to keep the kids around the house in mind when picking drawing apps out. When you have your iPad around the house, just start up the program, go to their ‘notebook’ and let them draw to their hearts content. Since Ghostwriter Notes has all of the different pens available on the screen, there is not need for the little fingers to venture far beyond adding another page… no trees where cut down in their day long many page drawing fun, then share out to the grandparents as a PDF.

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