CafePress has iPad cases… Really!

We thought he was kidding when he mentioned he saw an ad on a site about iPad cases being available through CafePress. We all know the company for t-shirts, mugs, bags and mouse pads (and much more, but that is what we seem to buy the most from them). If you don’t know the service, CafePress offers you the ability to put just about any image on one of their long list of products. You can then buy for yourself or create a product site that others can buy your creation.

An iPad case is not something we would normally think of CafePress for but here is the ad we found:

25% off iPad Cases at CafePress - Offer Ends Soon!

We have not yet gotten ours, so we are unable to talk about quality or fit. When they arrive, we’ll let you know how they have worked out for the few of us that plunked our cash down right away. For now though, they are called “5 in 1 cases” and here is a bit of YouTube we found about them:

You can buy one of the many other people have created, or like the other CafePress items you can create your own design.

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