REVÉNA is now making all kinds of fun iPad stuff!

We didn’t know about REVÉNA’s iPad products till we saw the latest MacUser that mentioned a fun iPad speaker. When we looked up their site: we found the site had a nice group of ‘must have’ iPad accessories.

First, a pen/stylus, two in one device. We were used to these for our Palm and Newton devices but those used smaller tip stylus ‘pens’. For the iPad, the stylus tip must be more finger like. The REVÉNA’s stylus looks very much the Griffin stylus. Except the cap with the pocket clip is removable to expose a roller ball ink pen.

REVÉNA’s iPad ELEMENTS AXIS Hardshell Case comes with two different types of mounting holes. The holes are used for the different stands REVÉNA offers.

The option on the left is for a non adjustable stand while the one on the right offers turning for best viewing options.

One option is the ELEMENTS EASEL Kick Stand which is used for standing your iPad on your desk or in the kitchen.

Lastly, there is the REVÉNA ELEMENTS CLIP Wall Mount. The kit comes with two easy to install wall clips that snap into the back of the above hard cases.

Both the Wall Mount and Easel Kickstands support portrait and landscape views. With the iPad ‘2’ just around the corner, we might be seeing more iPads running MagicWindow on our walls.

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