Customizing your own iPad2 back protection is now available

As regular readers know, we like to put our own custom vinyl skins on the back of our iPads (and iPhones and Macbooks and…) so we can tell each other’s apart. And, they make a statement about ourselves.

While there are a few options for vinyl skin providers, we just got our first batch in from Unique Skins and they have really gone the extra mile with their template. The skin has a cut our for the camera as you would hope, but the skin also wraps around the edges and has cut outs for all of the buttons, connector and speaker. They have everything covered except for the very corners. If have read our past vinyl skin comments, earlier versions usually bunched on the corners, distracting from the perfectness of the rest of the skin.

Rather than giving you a list of images and artwork that you have to choose, Unique Skin offers you the ability to upload any image that they will print onto your skin. The product does include a full back and outer screen edge front. One of the team left their front one white they can have a ‘white’ iPad2 or ‘black’ when they want.

Since the Unique Skin wraps all the way over the edges, it does mean that the Apple magnetic cover rests on top of the vinyl rather than directly metal to metal. At first we talked amongst ourselves about how we could trim the skin but after a few days non of us have. The concern that the cover would move has not happened and there is actually more protection now for the folks that take off the cover from time to time.

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