Classic Atari on your iPad for Free! Games will cost you extra…

Atari has released a Universal app of 100 of their classic games. If you love the retro, it’s a nice jump back in history to the games that got all the arcade fun started.

Launching Atari Games on the iPad provides you with a list of the classic game groups to drill down to the type of game you enjoyed playing.

Tapping any of the gaming groups takes you to the list of the individual Atari classic games. Lets you play your way through the history of the early Atari games.

Choosing the Arcade icon on the bottom of the screen gives you images of the original arcade game boxes. Swipe from side to side to sweep through the images of all of the Atari classic games you put your quarters in. Tap on one for more info about the game and a few screenshots of the game play.

The ‘home’ versions of the Atari classics are available through images of the boxes that the games had been distributed through. Swipe through to find the ones you had sitting on the shelf at home next to the old TV… the one that used your little brother as the remote control for channel changing.

Many of the games in Atari on the iPad takes advantage of the Bluetooth by allowing playing games with friends through Bluetooth iPad to iPad connections.

Choosing a game from the long list gives you a screenshot as well as the option to buy a four pack of the game when available in different versions. Atari always offers at the bottom of their description screens the ability to buy all 99 games at one time.

As a reminder of how the world looked at the arcades, Atari delivers on the classic game play found on the machines in the malls of yesteryear now on the iPad.

Remember how the home version of the same game wasn’t up to the level of the ones in the arcade. Still fun, especially if you remember this as the best it could be on your home TV. Atari keeps history as it really was.

If you want to grab the whole 99 games with one purchase, Atari offers everything for $14.99 as an in app purchase. Then you will have a game for anyone to play if they happen to grab your iPad.

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