Converting images to cartoons and colorizing on the iPad

We posted up a picture a few weeks ago and got a lot of questions about it. The ‘red key keyboard’ is an item we made for an opening slide using ToonPAINT. The app isn’t universal but installs and works well on the iPad. In fact, for fine detail, it is easier to use on the iPad since there is less zooming in/out.

Upon importing an image (you can also take the picture to use if you have a iPad2 via the app), ToonPAINT converts it to what looks like a black and white ‘cartoon’. Along the bottom is tuning options to ‘undo’ the last change, ‘pan and zoom’, Brush size and specifics of the black shading. New in the version that just came out is to use two finger zoom rather than using the button. The ‘Size’ option lets you adjust the Coherence, Edge Width and Edge Length.

The image above was a auto conversion by ToonPAINT from this image.

Choosing the ‘Paint’ button in the upper left corner takes you to the screen of color options. Choose from one of the presets for quick bold coloring or the lower optional ‘pickers’ to tune.

The top two options (buttons with the lady’s face and hair) are new to this version of ToonPAINT too. They are in-app purchase options for specific image tuning that not everyone needs. But both are handy if you find yourself using the app a lot.

Touching up the images is as simple as coloring in area with your finger or a iPad Stylus. The on-screen brush area is adjustable which after a bit of using you will find that you do not need to zoom in/out of the image as much. The precision of the small tip stylus helps that too. Several of our group use this as a portable coloring book for their kids. Using any image, ToonPAINT makes it into a picture kids can color, save and start over without having to haul around colored pens or crayons.

These are two views of the same image where different smoothing and ‘size’ was used to get different detail. The option should be taken into consideration depending what you will be using the end image for. ToonPAINT’s coloring does not destroy the black detail, they act more as coloring over the top so the level of detail results in different image impact.


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