Creating Print Postcards on your iPad using your Instagram pics

The folks at Postagram have come up with a solution to Instagram pictures being square and postcards being rectangular. The solution is a fun postal card where the square image is removable so the people you send it to can enjoy long after the text has gone old. While the free app from Postagram is mostly getting used for fun, we can see how a few products could be promoted to meeting attendees after the get together.

Neither the free photo social network Instagram app or this free Postagram app are universal or specifically designed for the iPad. But, they both install and run very quickly in the 2X mode. Neither require high resolution features so nothing is lost with the use of 2x.

In Postagram, there is no image enhancing, resizing or even rotation. You simply load the free app, log into your Instagram account, choose and image, add some text if you wish, enter a ‘send to’ address, pay (currently 99 cents total for printing and mailing) and your done.

Postagram uses the text that was with the picture on Instagram. You can edit, add or remove for each card as you like without any impact to the text that appears on Instagram.

Add a ‘send to’ address by typing it in or through your iPad’s Address book. If you find yourself sending cards to an individual more than once, you should have them available in the ‘Favorites’ area.

Even if you wish to use Paypal, Postagram requires you enter a credit card. Once you have ‘ordered’, the image/card will be printed on black glossy card stock and mailed within a couple days. We’ll post up a few here as they start rolling into the office.

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