Delivering the sound of vinyl records on the iPad

There used to be these big stores… and some neighborhood shops on the corner, which had long wood tables with pockets of colorful cardboard sleeved music discs. You would wander through the store, stop at an area and flip through the stack, pulling each one towards you as you looked at the large printed artwork. Stopping at one that looked interesting, pull it out and read the fine print on the back.

If you liked what you saw, you would purchase it to take home. At home, you would carefully remove the plastic film. Squeezing the cardboard sleeve a bit as your removed the large black vinyl disc. Trying not to drag it along the sides of the envelope so you didn’t scratch it. Centering the disc on a ‘turntable’ you would lower a mechanical arm so that the very tip of a diamond would rest in the tiny endless groove on the vinyl disc. As the disc turned, music came out of the speakers. Of course, with a bit of dust in the air, imperfect cuts lines and less expensive diamond tip meant that the music had a soft sound to it with a light hiss in the background.

This was the joy of the records of yesteryear. If you have lived this and which your high performance MP3 songs on your iPad had a bit of ‘depth’, grab the iPad app VinylLove.

It does more than change the sound of your music, it changes the whole experience. From looking through your iPad’s music collection, the view of the record on the turntable and finally, the soft smooth sound.

There is no way we can frame this as something you need for work, it is all about enjoying your music on a Sunday afternoon. If this is something that takes you back, save some money and grab VinylLove today, it’s on sale!!