Recent updates for iPad apps you will want to grab

Everyday there is a new update to some app we have downloaded and is on our iPads. Sometimes it is just a reminder that we need to remove that app, other times it re-energizes us to use an app that has gotten new life through an updated feature or two.

Here are a few updates that rolled in this week to a group of apps we were already using everyday:

GoodReader – as a reminder, this is the app that we use to view our files/documents that we have access through a variety of storage locations online and across the network. NEW features with this release is the ability to encrypt documents and flatten PDF files. Encryption is at the individual document level for added protection. And, flattening PDFs mean that when you do annotations on PDFs, you can see those on the documents across any PDF reading app rather than only visible to GoodReader. An added bonus in the update was the ability to play videos you have in GoodReader out through AirPlay.

PBS – Forget to DVR the documentary or fav PBS show? The PBS app lets you find the next showing and view many of their shows right on the iPad. New in this update is the ability to AirPlay those shows out to your TV through your AppleTV2. Your iPad provides you with your favorite Public Broadcasting shows on your TV when you have time, all for free.

Instapaper – One of the two apps we use to save Web site articles off to our iPads to read later. New in this update is the word Dictionary has moved into the app so it is now available when your iPad isn’t connected to the Internet. This makes word look up much faster. Also, the ability to view images in an article full screen size. Instapaper continues to support viewing Web posts in either their original layout or cleaned up so you get just the content and images and not of the distractions.

ArtStudio – The drawing/painting app we use more for creating quick sketches than most of the notes apps we have. What we love about it is the brush options add a level of depth to a sketch over the ‘pen’ notepad options. In the ArtStudio update, all of those brushes have been updated for better quality and the canvas work area has grown to 2048 x 2048 pixels!

ScrapPad – The iPad ScrapBooking app now supports ‘undo’ and the iPad2 camera. In the update previous to this one was the addition of Easter and Spring art bits to use in your Scrap Book pages. Still a hot family time app for many of us.

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