Scratch off cards come to the iPad, looking for creative ideas to use them for

Scratch Off cards have gone digital! And, you can create them on your iPad. Now, what fun or Business client related things can we do with them? We’re looking for excuses to play with the universal app, Scratch C@rd. Until we have a Business reason, we are playing with the fun of sending scratch cards to friends and family.

Simply choose a card template, add an image, type some text and share…

Starting Scratch C@rd up, you are given the chose of 46 different card layout templates. This can be changed later from the edit page if you decide later another template would better match the image/text you plan on placing.

The ‘Style’ button allows the fine tuning of the text that appears on the Scratch Card. For what appears to be a simple app, there is actually a lot of control allowed to adjust your text. The image is the exact opposite… there is no sizing, cropping or color adjustments available. After you choose an image, you can only move it around the scratch box.

When you have your image and text done, you can choose to ‘preview’ the scratching experience. Scratch C@rd also supports sharing your card out through an email, on Facebook or through a Twitter post. All of these only sends a link. Users will need to be able to access a Flash / HTML5 page.

If you choose to share out through Facebook, you have to allow Scratch Card to access your friends. Many apps request this now if you want them to send things through to Facebook, but this can be a deal breaker for some privacy concerned users.

While it isn’t a problem for sharing cards with friends, there is quite a bit of Scratch Card self promoting happening in their Facebook post generated by their system. We where wondering how they were going to handle the cards on Facebook, which as you see they don’t. Everything links back to the card on their site where your friends are encouraged to buy the app so they can create cards too. This is the case with both the lite and full version of Scratch Card. It might cause issues for some clients if the plan is to use the app to market for Businesses.


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