Using the iPad to tell the Presenter what you think, from the back of the room

There you are, in the conference room or a presentation hall. You have an opinion about what is being said… do you holler out to say your thoughts? Usually this will get you a lot of attention from the folks around you. Generally attention you don’t want. If you have your iPad handy, load the free Holler Gram app for the iPad. Select a message, turn the screen so they can see, message sent.

To get your point across, just launch Holler Gram and choose from one of the message you want to say (39 preloaded for quick access). Double tapping the screen take you back to the chooser screen. You can also have your opinion tweeted out including using the optional ‘hashtag’ box to key to the presentation.

As more folks in the room start getting the app loaded on their iPads. We are able to use the Holler Gram voting option to. Tap the ‘SET YOUR SCORE’ option on the left and use the slider to present the number rating you wish.

If you want to say something beyond what Holler Gram offers in their default messages, choose the ‘Write your own’ and type away. Background color and fonts are adjustable to help get your point stated.

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