Yammer social network access comes to the iPad!

If you have a company Yammer service at your business, like we do (“Over 90,000 businesses use Yammer worldwide, including 80% of the the Fortune 500.”), this is huge news!

Never heard of Yammer? It is a social network that you can set up for just your company internal staff to use. It is great for conversations, notes, ideas and thoughts when you have folks spread out. Especially enjoyed when you have a lot of teams working on different projects as they can talk about wins that others can use and misses that others can assist with.

Yammer has a Web interface, an Adobe Air app for your desktop computer and an iPhone app. Until yesterday, installing the Yammer iPhone app onto your iPad did nothing for you. The app wouldn’t even launch. The free Yammer app is now a universal app so it can be installed on your iPhones and iPad, each with interfaces unique to the hardware.

Down the left side of Yammer on iPad screen in landscape and portrait views is your quick access buttons. They are for: Home, Direct Messages, Sent Messages, Mentions, Company Feed, Likes, Bookmarked and RSS.

Several people have had issues launching or using the Yammer iPad app right after installing it. We have found that by double tapping the ‘home’ button and closing the app out completely through the Multitasking bar gives it a fresh start where it works great from that point on.