25% Off Kids iPad for the next 24 hours!

Griffin has been telling us about all kinds of new toys for our iPads. They are about to release a new wireless speaker, a electronic crayola pen and a car analyzer.

We just discovered the Griffin ‘LightBoard‘ for kids to use with our iPads. It’s a “shatter-resistant polycarbonate shell with openings for the speakers and headphone jack. The Multi-Touch display is protected from scratches and impacts from even the most ardent artist by a polycarbonate screen shield, built into the case.” (24 Hours Only! Receive 25% Off Griffin Site Wide with Promo Code MEMORIAL12CJ Valid 5/26-5/27)

You download the free Griffin LightBoard Trace iPad app, pop your iPad into the LightBoard case, place a peice of paper over the screen… and release the kids to play and learn.

The case/app combination includes over 35 different things to draw, along with fun animations and a game that teaches kids how to write their names.

Don’t forget the 25% off! 24 Hours Only! Receive 25% Off Site Wide with Promo Code MEMORIAL12CJ. Valid 5/26-5/27.