The iPad brings a rethink around one hour photo processing and prescription filling

Remember the days of the small 110 film cameras? They had small self contained film rolls that took up the whole back of their slim cameras. After you took the images, you went to the local drug store chain, gave them the cartridge, walk about for an hour and return to get an envelope of the printed images.

With the iPad and iPhone’s ability to send images to a printer, many folks are now printing their own images at their house. This of course means having a better quality printer, that has ink in it and having the printer loaded up with ‘photo’ quality paper.

Walgreens wants to bring you back into their stores for your one hour photo processing by offering to print the images you choose off your iPad.

Using their free Walgreens app, you send images to their printing site, choose a location close to you that has the printing set up… then buzz by an hour later to pick up your prints. Sounds like a fun way of getting your family pictures printed. It sounds even more interesting for the iPad users that travel. Snap a few shots with with the iPad2 (or iPhone, then transfer to the iPad), have them printed and leave them behind with the client. Electronic images cost less and can more easily be shared to an individual, but a printed image carries more impact as a leave behind.

If your in an area that you don’t know, the Walgreen’s app offers to help you find your local store.

A feature that is also offered is using the iPad2 camera to take a photo of your prescription bottle bar code. Then, upload that information to have your prescription filled. While this isn’t a feature most business people will use the app for, it is a something that could save people on the go a lot of trouble through ease of use. The Walgreens app’s prescription feature could cut down on the time-to-call and lower the risk of getting the wrong data to a location you don’t normally visit.

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