GarageBand for iPad is cool… know how to really use it?

GarageBand on the iPad is getting some attention as being a pretty serious music creating mobile tool. And for the rest of us, it’s a lot of fun to have all those instruments no matter where we are at. Even if it isn’t a serious tune, it is fun to add and layer instruments till you get the sounds your going after.

For those that are more interested in making music they can export, share and distribute, there are a few options for learning the tricks.

Until yesterday, if you wanted to grab an iBook to read on your iPad while on the go, you would have to search for the eBook and buy on the iPad. Apple is now offering the ability to buy eBooks within iTunes on your desktop and notebook. Which is much easier to search and find what your looking for. Much easier to tell other people about great finds too.

For example, “GarageBand for iPad: Creating Songs with Your Portable Music Studio – by Robert Brock” can now be linked to and purchased to install later on your iPad when you have it handy. No sync to the desktop needed!

There of course are many iBook offerings which may actually start selling better for authors now that we don’t have to only use the iPad buying experience.

Worth a mention, if you have kids, some children iBooks are now coming with audio readers. These are not electronic voice readings but real people. We have yet to have anyone in the office grab one to see how their kids like being able to read along with the voice. Might be fun, or might just be a way out of the evening book reading family time. We will see and report back…

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