HalfTone image creations, now possible on the iPad

Sometimes you need an image to look like it came out of a newspaper. That special ‘halftone’ effect where images are made up of lower resolution dots.

Some photo editing apps for the iPad allow you to add a filter to your images to make it look like they are printed on a newspaper page. HalfTone is an app we have long used on our iPhones, which has gone Universal so it now works great on the iPad too.

The difference to adding a filter is HalfTone converts the image, then allows you to make a lot of other personalization changes.

Not all images will give you the result your looking for with old parchment paper as the background. HalfTone has 12 options for image backgrounds to choose from. These can be changed at anytime when editing the image so you can tune if the image effect changes while working on it.

As you may have noticed, there was a text box in the upper and lower corners of the example HalfTone image we created. The layout of the image text boxes has nine options from no boxes to several, centered or justified to a corner.

All of the HalfTone image text boxes and bubbles mentioned below can be edited. Tap any text box to have the keyboard appear for changes.

Text bubbles can be added simply by tapping the Bubble ‘+’ button along the bottom of HalfTone. The text bubbles shape is changed by tapping on the bubble on the image. Text can be edited, bubble re-sized and the ‘tail’ can be moved around with a finger tap and drag.

If a text bubble doesn’t deliver the right message, HalfTone offers a large group of text and button pops to add. Like the Text Bubbles, drag around as needed, rotate and resizing is also supported.

Font type and text size is adjustable with a small group of options that best match a HalfTone image needs.

If you don’t like the default newspaper like dot size, HalfTone has a ‘settings’ area to tune dot size, blending and size of image output.

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