Penultimate for iPad, simple writing app, get’s photos!

We have covered the simple handwriting app on the iPad, Penultimate, many times. It has a familiar feel to the physical world with it’s folders of pages. The app has been successful for us as a daily quick notes writing app due to it’s simple interface. There is no extensive options list of things you can put on the page, it’s just a pen and paper… except it’s on your iPad.

Today’s update for Penultimate is the ability to add a photo to your notes paper. The image can be taken with the iPad2 camera or from your Photo Library. Once on the page, you have the option to move and resize, even write over the top of the image. Does this make the Penultimate app have too many options to lower it’s ease of use? At first glance, no, the option isn’t a big button that takes you away from while your there so we’re good. We’ll still keep the app as the place to jot down quick notes in our handwriting in the notebook that best suites it. Keeping it simple.

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