Doing more with PDFs on the iPad than just reading them

In a chat today about the update to Readdle Docs, it became apparent that many of our team is still viewing PDFs in iBooks. Which is fine, but it is a viewer and once it has the PDF there is no releasing it. In short, iBooks and most PDF apps are view only and generally when you ‘open in’ there is no exporting to another PDF app. We covered this before so no need to take up space here.

Today, Readdle released version 3 of their ReaddleDocs. If you purchased ReaddleDocs before, this is a free update. You can still annotate and organize your PDFs across multiple systems like with version 2. ReaddleDocs is for just about all the type of document files you have, it isn’t ‘just’ for PDFs.


From Readdle, the changes in ReaddleDocs 3 (we put some very cool new features you will want to take note with an underline):

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • New ‘Recents’ section with quick access to recently opened files
  • Full-text indexing and search were added — search inside PDFs, MS Office, rtf and txt files (enabled at Settings)
  • File storage complies to iOS Data Storage Guidelines

File Viewers Improvements

  • PDF viewer with improved speed and stability
  • Added underline and strikeout annotations for PDF
  • Bookmarks for PDF files are saved inside PDF outlines now
  • Faster viewer for TXT documents with font selection
  • In-document search for MS Office, TXT and RTF files
  • You can now view Open Office Writer files (.odt)
  • MP3 player now supports playlists and background mode as well as few other features
  • Image Viewer loads large pictures much faster
  • There is a possibility to view CHM files
  • This update has also RAR unarchiver

Built-in Browser Improvements

  • Access bookmarks from browser start page
  • Google search field
  • Ability to save part of the page to Web Archive

Network Protocol Improvements

  • Sync FTP/SFTP servers with your device
  • FTP compatibility improvements
  • Private Keys for SFTP servers
  • SFTP works much faster now
  • WebDAV client and server improvements


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