iOS5 ‘Reminder’ app on the iPad… and the iPhone

We have covered many different iPad task management apps. They have covered a variety of features from very robust UI and Cloud sharing across multi devices like ToDo from Appigo… to a simple UI ToDo management with SmallTask which also saves to the Cloud for multi device list access. While both of these apps allow ToDo items to moved to the desktop computer, they require additional software.

Apple has decided to jump into the Task Management world by including an app, Reminder, in with iOS5. It falls nicely between the two we mentioned above. The simple UI makes is quick to start using, it saves your lists to cloud (Apple’s iCloud) and even allows Calendar based Tasks so you can have lists tied to work and home calendars. When you create a ToDo item, you can expand it to have a due date and an alert. Choose to sync your Reminder items through your iCloud account that is the same as your desktop so you can access them in iCal on your desktop.

If you have an iPhone, you may notice that the WiFi iPad version is lacking a feature. On the iPhone and 3G iPad, you can have location based Tasks. Choose where you want to be reminded, like as you leave your house or arrive at the office you can be alerted of a task.

Reminder doesn’t require you are near the location of where the alert should occur, the address can be chosen via your contacts.


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