SnapSeed brings advanced TiltShift to the iPad

When it comes to adding a TiltShift effect to an image, there are a few options. Mostly in the advance photo editing apps, TiltShift focus is amongst their bag of tricks. You can choose between a circle area or a line to have in focus and the rest of the image will blur out. Two new features some have added is to reverse the in and out of focus areas, As well many now let you adjust the area of the gradual focus area between the ‘in’ focus and ‘blurred’ area.

The latest update to SnapSeed lets you pinch and expand the circle of ‘in focus’ area. This makes it much easier to get the areas you need in focus rather than a circle which always has parts you would rather drop out of view.

Twist, expande, collaps, stretch and twist more… then hit the Apply button to lock the areas you want to appear in the focal area and the rest look at a different depth. This works particularly well if you have a picture of a town with people and choose to focus on the people… you end up with a picture that looks like a toy town.

Like the other image adjustments SnapSeed provides, everything is with simple finger swipes and taps.


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