Yet to be available toys for the iPad

Buzzing around the net, we see all kinds of… how should we say… ‘interesting’ ideas to make out iPads more usable. Everyone has an opinion on what is really going to make their every day use of their iPads more enhanced. Sometimes we look at and say something along the lines of “But, that is a piece of wood with a hole in it, how is that helping me use my iPad in the car?”

Here are a couple we thought might actually have some potential. Non of them are available now, they are in the funding stages, but will be wrapping up soon. Not everyone in the office see these as valuable but we all find new tech fun to become a reality.

The XStylus Touch: The XStylus Touch is a transforming wide-grip heavy weight touch pen for the iPad. It comes with a discreet, secure, crystal clear magnetic holder so that you can carry both your iPad and your touch pen in style, anytime, anywhere! The XStylus Touch is available in glossy black + metal, and glossy white + metal.

Responsive pen tip: The tip of the XStylus Touch glides smoothly on any glass screen and is optimized for sensitivity so that even the slightest strokes are registered. You will rarely need to retouch the beginning of your strokes with your XStylus Touch.

Play, create and work longer with an ergonomic wide-grip stylus: The bulk weight XStylus Touch is distributed in the triangle formed between your thumb and your index finger in the grip. The combination of weight and grip size minimizes strain to your wrist and forearm, thus allowing you to play, create, and work longer.

We are looking forward to play with the pen and it’s rotating center. The pen holder is supposed to work through most cases that have the sync port available. The description mentions the pen will work with the iPad2 magnets too so that will be used more by us than the clear clip.


LilyPad iPad Solar Charger case with battery… and HDMI out!

This solar powered case is charging your battery whenever light is shimmering around you. But what about in the dark? For that there’s a mighty backup battery built into the case to charge day or night. We really wanted to tap into this resource so we discretely added a USB Power-Out to charge everything else in your pocket. This is to prevent the headache of having a dead cell phone. Charge your phone, camera, headset or just about anything else simultaneously while the iPad is charging.

The LilyPad offers HDMI Output for the iPad with 7.1 digital audio built in. Do a PowerPoint off a projector and play movies on your big screen. All conveniently built into the case.

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