An iPad stand that folds small but still does a big job

In a meeting last week, a gent took his glasses out of his pocket and propped his iPad up on them. We all looked at other wondered about what the frames must be made of. Mid way through the meeting, someone finally worked eye glasses into the conversation and we found that the stand wasn’t actual eye glasses, it was a stand they had found.

It was passed around the table, everyone played with how their iPad was be most usable in the stand since it supported multiple angles. It even worked fine for the two Android folks in the room, but we don’t talk about them much. Ha!

It took us a couple days to find the stand online. It seemed like a simple named product but we didn’t guess the spelling anywhere right. The guest had said… ‘extra pro’ or ‘flex pro’ or ‘plex-po’… or… ??? Ends up being ‘XPO’. A folding, padded, aluminum stand that, as the provider says, quickly folds flat to smaller than a pair of sunglasses. We had the glasses right at least.

We ended up finding that the XPO is make by Griffin Technology and also found theĀ XPO on Amazon so a couple are on the way. We’ll post here if we have any issues.


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