Customizable iPad vinyl protective skin – buy one, get one free

Sorry this is so late… the sale is only good today. SkinIt sent us an email saying that if we buy one of their protective vinyl skin, they will give us another one for free. We shop there often to give our iPads, iPhones and notebooks unique looks with our pictures and unique art so we thought it was a deal just for us. Nope, they say we can tell you about it too, wish we relized that this morning to give you more time.

If you have someone with a iPhone or iPad, a skin makes a great gift… buy them one you make just for them (SkinIt has sports and fun art you can choose from too) and get one for yourself for free. You know, because you would never give them something you got for free.

Have fun! Cyber Monday Only: Buy One Get One FREE. Code: CYBERMONDAY11. Valid Only 11/28.


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