Feature updates for iPad multi pictures in a single image app, Diptic

The folks that created the universal app Diptic gave us quite a surprise yesterday. They added to their .99 cent app the features found in competing app at no additional charge.

The Diptic app still allows you to choose from many frames of multiple image boxes. You can still fill that box with an photo you take, from your iPad’s photo library or from several social network sites. You can still adjust the image within the box for size and rotation.

Now, Diptic has added two directional arrow in the upper right corner. Tap that and the bars between the images become movable. Allowing you to quickly adjust the size of each box  so that one image can be larger than another to give the final creation a whole different feel.

We thought we were doing good there, but the Border area of Diptic has been enhanced too. You are now given the option to round the outside corners of the overall image or apply round corners to the individual images within the big picture. There is a slider to choose the amount of corner as well.

Finally, share your iPad creation in low or high resolution with others through email, Facebook, Flickr, Posterous, Tumbler, Twitter, or save it back to your iPad’s Photo Library.



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