Free Gift Guide app on the iPad for planning the busy shopping day

There you are… sitting around home with friends and family. Have you got a good understanding of what everyone wants this holiday season? Generally, you get answers to the question of ‘what do you want this year’ that are cookie cutter. They are not very creative and what was just a TV commercial.

The folks at ‘The Daily’ pointed us to their 2011 Gift Guide. A fun app that feels like a magazine but works more like an interactive catalog. Launch it and hand the iPad around the room… you might be surprised at what people come up with when they have a chance to see all the great gadgets they may have only remembered after the holidays.

It’s nice since there doesn’t appear to be an agenda of the app with a particular product group the 2011 ‘The Daily’ Gift Guide creator wants you to buy. Fun to flip through with others looking over your shoulder too.

The Daily Gift Guide includes Featured Product Categories:

  • Appliances
  • Apps
  • Televisions
  • Motorcycles
  • Video games
  • Snowboards
  • Cell phones
  • Cars
  • Audio equipment
  • Bike gear
  • Laptops
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Golf gear