See through walls with the iPad

Knowing what is going on someplace else can can in some situations be relaxing. It lowers the need to wonder and be concerns about possible issues that can’t be known to be handled.

Just about anywhere there are electronics for sale, there are remote camera for sale. They can be mounted in a room and connecting to a computer nearby. There are a few that will connect over a wifi network so the computer doesn’t have to be in the same room, very popular for new parents to keep an eye on a new little one sleep. With the eception of ‘nanny cams’ that are in clocks and stuff bears, the cameras look like cameras. And, those ‘nanny cams’ while well hidden, are feature light.

While on that weekend Target visit we mentioned earlier, we discovered a option that somehow missed our view before. The iZon by STEM. A small camera that doesn’t try hard to cover that it is a camera but doesn’t look like a camera.

The iZon plugs into a regular wall socket and includes a safety release if your using it somewhere kids might grab and don’t want them involved in power wires. The camera can be activated from movement or light and alert your iPad over the Internet through WiFi or 3G (and EDGE). Reading the STEM site, we like the ‘secure’ connection so we aren’t having someone drive by and intercept the camera’s output.

The iZon camera not only streams for you to view elsewhere on your iPad, it can also record up to 30 seconds of video which can be moved right up to YouTube. Most not likely a feature you want for a camera watching kids but might be handy for other watchful eye camera recordings.

The iZon was fun to see readily available at Target when the need jumps up without warning. They are a few dollars less expensive online at the usual spots like Amazon and other electronic providers.



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