Swiping through Google Search results on the iPad

The Google Search app has been updated today to allow you to swipe through your search results. It sounds ‘simple’ but it really makes a difference to the user experience.

The search works as normal…

Tap a Web site from the Google Search result list and your taken to the Web site. Place your fingers on the Web page and slide it to the right to find the results page. You can sweep the results page to reveal the Web site you where just looking at. It isn’t an all or nothing view… the Google Search app lets you move the results list and chosen Web page at the same time, sharing the iPad screen.

This functionality of the visual search results works in landscape or portrait views. Place your fingers on the search result page and drag to one side and the Google Search app shows you the actual Web site. You can move about the Web page, and sweep back to the Google result page to see the list again to choose another site.

In the upper right corner of the search result area, Google Search offers a visual search results view. Instead of the normal Google results simple text view, you will have the actual Web sites to sweep through side to side.



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