A great wireframe and product layout tool for the iPad, hiding in the open

Sometimes we over complicate things. We look for a new tool to do things on our iPad when something we have been using for other processes would work just great!

Over the last few weeks, we have been looking for product wireframe and layout tools for our iPads, We are very happy with our Web page layout tools we currently use, this is more for a couple projects that need UIs thought through for screen flow. Yesterday we stumbled onto the site graffletopia.com. A site full of OmniGraffle stencils.

OmniGraffle on the iPad is usually used by us to develop process flowcharts. We have a person call and we expect these steps to happen. Imagine the results as a visual checklist or project flow. OmniGraffle on the iPad just makes the process easier to do on the go then sync it back to our desktops for tuning or expanding when we are at our desks.

The¬†graffletopia.com site offers a ‘huge’ variety of OmniGraffle stencils that you can use on your iPad. Including packages of bits to use to layout your next great iPhone app idea or to reference GoogleMaps via their recognizable UI tools. Just add the stencils from the site to your iPad’s OmniGraffle, then insert, drag-n-drop as needed.

A couple examples of the long list of free stencils to use on the go:


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