Creating Muppet Cards on the iPad

Kids, or kids at heart, the Muppets have a history for all of us. There was the multiple TV series, the movies and the even the toys that dance and sing in the other room. Now, the Muppets come to cards you can create and email on the iPad.

The Disney Muppet Mail app offers a wide variety of card options. There is a variety of cards you can use as they are, just editing the text. Cards can be found by character, which you can also change the features of like hats, eyes and cloths. If your using the app on your iPad 2, snap a photo and use it in the card too.

“Transform yourself or your friends into hilarious Muppet characters using innovative facial recognition technology. Share your Muppet creations with your friends using the create-your-own greeting cards feature.”

When you have it like you want… which in the case of kids playing around could be hours later, just shoot it off to family and friends. Great for the company party invites too! Not just for the holidays, the Muppet Card app has many occasions to choose: Christmas, Birthday, Baby, Love, Friendship and Get Well.

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