Creative writing documents and serious Task lists move to iCloud

Two software apps we have covered as being serious tools we use, have announced the ability to move your iPad creations to and from your desktop through iCloud. Both offered document movement before but they were done with either their own cloud solutions or 3rd party. By going to iCloud, they are joining the group to store your information through the free/secure Apple provided cloud.

Both, ToDo and iA Writer have built into their iPad and desktop solutions a way to move your creations to/from iCloud. Interesting enough, they are both now offering DropBox too… just in case your not ready to jump to Apple’s Cloud offering. Around the office, we are seeing longer cloud users staying with their DropBox, while many new cloud users are starting off with iCloud. It comes down to what your comfortable with.

Both updates offer little other than the use of iCloud/DropBox.

As a refresher… iA Writer is the writing tool for someone who really has to write. You won’t see big ribbons of options across the top and cramped buttons across the bottom of the iPad’s screen. iA Writer has the document your working on taking up the whole screen. The feature is common for both the iPad and desktop versions of the software. A couple things like word count, which is important to us ‘pay per word’ authors, a couple navigation options across the top of the on-screen keyboard and you can undo/redo with a swipe of your finger on the screen. Works in landscape and portrait views.

The other app is ToDo, which for tasks is the polar opposite from iA Writer. ToDo has long synced to between their iPad, iPhone (not universal app) and Desktop apps through their own cloud and a couple online ToDo cloud offerings. Now, you can sync your Tasks with all of their particulars between your devices through iCloud and DropBox. ToDo is best known for it’s look that is familiar if you have used paper task managers, and it’s huge list of ways to customize your list items. Also working in landscape and portrait views.


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