Expanded DropBox file management with the iPad

If you have DropBox on your iPad, you already know you can add files to your DropBox account and download/open files already there. It is very handy to toss your files up on the Free DropBox Cloud service to you can use your files anywhere you are. Drag and drop on the desktop makes it easy to load files up to later view on the iPad. While the iPad DropBox app is fine for uploading and downloading files, that is about all it does. Fine for some, but leaving serious users wanting more.

Our Sunday AM meeting this morning turned to DropBox while we were sharing files amongst ourselves. One attendee mentioned a app non of us had heard of, Cloud File Mover. Below is the video from the developers outlining all the features. We will play with it at the office this week and report more details later. Basically, Cloud File Mover allows you to:

– Move files
– Copy files
– Delete files
– Rename files
– Edit text files
– Create folders
– Move folders
– Copy folders
– Delete folders
– Rename folders
– View files (iOS 4.0 later)
– Export files to other Apps (iOS 4.0 later)
– Import files from other Apps (iOS 3.2 later)

About everything we would want out of a DropBox manager app on our iPad, bringing drag-n-drop actions like on our desktops.



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