New Years gift for your iPad – SnapSeed FREE today only!

We have covered the power of the photo editing app, SnapSeed, before. It’s unique way of using your finger to navigate and adjust photos on the iPad makes it a ‘often used’ solution. Slide your finger up/down to choose what tool your working with and left/right to tune the percent of that enhancement.

The list of features has caused us to mention SnapSeed several times in order to cover it’s capabilities as we dig deeper into it’s power. You can apply filters to the full image, or choose to tune a specific spot… which means a dark area can be brightened without having the bright areas wash out. The TiltShift effect through SnapSeed doesn’t have to be straight or round like through other apps, adjust the shape with two fingers to better match the needs of your image.

The big news today is SnapSeed is free for your iPad today, Dec 31st only!

If you read the SnapSeed reviews, we were confused with the comments about full resolution images not being kept. The people are talking about VERY high (over 16 megapixel) images imported to the iPad from a high end camera.

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