Adding Italian Protection to your iPad, more bulk but with some style

During a slow time on Monday, we were hanging out over on Kickstarter to see what was new for our iPads and iPhones. A fun little pastime to see new ideas from some creative thinking, when we came across diFeltro. A project looking for funding (already hit it’s goal) where, as they put it, German felt – Italian leather – US creative comes together for a unique iPad bag.

As iPad bag offerings go, these will add a bit of bulk to your ultra slim handheld device. You do get one very stylish looking bag to toss over your shoulder though. Walking down the street or into the office with this will make a ‘euro’ statement. The water resistant bags are priced on the higher side of carries available on the market now but the non-assembly line look and feel is a big part of paying a little extra.

The diFeltro Fold project also offers similar belts and iPhone sleeves if you like the look but don’t need it for your iPad right now.


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