Building a photo-a-day calendar on the iPad

Everyday we take many photos with our iPads and iPhones which we share with friends through a variety of social photo share apps. It’s fun to share with others your perspective on what you saw during your day through a simple snapshot.

What if you could save one or a couple images every day that best represented the day? We don’t want to set out to take the image that matches the day, rather at the end of the day toss a photo on the day so later we can remember something that happened. Something happening can be meeting a person, going someplace or a serious/silly shot that takes you back to the day months from now.

We set out to find a way to do this, saving images to a note page, to a dairy and to a ToDo list app… all great ideas and all worked… sort of. There was challenges with each one that took a lot of fun out of the process. EnterĀ 365Photo, a universal app that does exactly what we were trying to piece together. A photo (or a couple photos) a day that we take through the app or use photos we had uploaded to one of our social sharing solutions, saved to a calendar view. You can tap a day and view the photos for the day, you can add photos to a day when you have time, you can set a reminder so you don’t forget, and you can share your creation. The sharing is actually a single photo via email, Twitter, or Facebook… or at the end of the month you can share a snap shot view of the whole month calendar showing the photos of each day. Several of us are a few days into using 365Photo. There are a couple items we reached out to the developer about to make it even more of a dream app for us (like sharing photos between your iPad and iPhone copy of 365Photo has to go through iTunes), but for now we are building a year of days of photo memories.


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