Free 57 Language Translation App – Now for the iPad!

The Pros of the Google Translate app:

A clean simple interface to choose between the two languages to translate between.

Type in words or sentences to translate, hit ‘Go’ and your done.

Translations are shown in both start and end languages.

Translations can be copy/pasted out of the app to use anywhere on the iPad.

Translations are kept in history for later quick reference.

Translations can be ‘stared’ for better grouping and no loss when history is cleared.

Speak words or sentences to be translated.

Translation can be listened to.

Universal app from Google means it’s free.

The Cons of the Google Translation app:

Being a Google app, means the translation only works with Internet access.

All word recognition and translation happens online, works well via WiFi but hit/miss success via G3.

That is about it for bad news… 57 languages, Wow!!


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