A solution for when you have to carry paper and your iPad together

There is a couple popular companies providing cases that allow you to carry a iPad and a full size pad of paper in one. Generally, to keep the case thin, you get a iPad screen pressed against the pad of paper when the case is closed. Having access to the iPad screen and pad of paper at the same time is nice, but we are not seeing many times we need that feature. Most often, we only use one at a time or the iPad is removed from the case to stand up while writing on the paper.

A new solution was discovered by a team member last week. We’ll update the post after we have beat up on the case for a month about how it’s wearing. Meanwhile, the case… Russell+Hazel has created a leather case that holds a pad of paper and pen as well your iPad, in it’s own protected pocket. The case comes in Black, White and Gold. There is also small pockets for cards, etc…

It might be a great way to travel light and keep a professional look.