Does Teak Wood make a good iPad case? Some think so…

Wrapping an iPad in wood is nothing new, the Dodo Case has been using wood as the outer edge to frame the iPad in their book like case. This morning our attention was called to what one would think was a kitchen wood chop block. But, it’s actually a ‘stylish’ iPad case.

Of course, this case isn’t for everyone. There are a few of us that love what quality wood represents. The B and A Teak Wood case totally encloses the iPad. The iPad is held in place with four little flip out corners.

Beyond just encasing the iPad to protect it when walking around, the B and A Teak Wood ‘case’ can also work as a iPad stand. In portrait view, the case works very much like most tripod stands on the market. In landscape, the overall size is making it a bit big for a regular desk.

Accessory Geeks has the case on sale right now as well they offer personalized engraving… might be a fun gift.

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