Removing People and Things from Photos – There’s an iPad app for that!

You took a picture, it is perfect, except for that person standing off to the side. Or, a modern car amongst a photo of classics. The picture could be for a professional photo need or a family snap shot needing a tweak. Either way, with the easy to use Touch-ReTouch HD, you can remove the unwanted bits of photos quickly so why not make photos ‘perfect’.

When importing a photo into Touch-ReTouch HD, you are given the choice of resolution. Choosing a smaller resolution for those times you do not need to print in high resolution, the smaller the faster the process is completed.

The tools provided by Touch-ReTouch:

Across the top – Importing photos, undo and redo.

Across the bottom –
Lasso – for circling around an object, handy when the area to remove is large.
Brush – paint over the item to be removed, brush tip is adjustable via a slider.
Eraser – after you select the area to remove, you can erase part you selected but didn’t mean to.
Move Tool – for moving the image around when zoomed into an area. Zoom in/out is two finger pinch.
Go – processes the image to remove the highlighted area.
Clone Stamp – Choose the part of the photo that you want to use when overwriting the highlighted area.
Save – Save your finished image.

When painting are area of the photo, Touch-ReTouch pops up a small zoomed box so you can see exactly what is being highlighted. A nice feature since your working with fine detail and may not be able to see past your finger.

When the area to edit out of the photo is highlighted, tap the icon (bottom of page, right arrow) to process. Depending on the resolution of the image, the processing time will vary.

Watch for extra bits like reflections or shadows left behind when editing. Since Touch – ReTouch lets you do multiple edits without having to save and re-import, the whole process can be pretty quick.

When the photo is you like, save your Touch-ReTouch enhanced photo to your iPad Photo Library, attach to a email or share to social services: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Picasa.


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