That List App – Free, Fast, Simple, Fun for the iPad

But, it’s a To List app you say.

Sure, That List App is a Free Universal app. Sometimes you need more than a list of three word tasks. As well, sometimes you just don’t need to color code or a thousand other options with your tasks.

To get the most out of That List App, add more info than just a couple word ToDo… enter everything you need to do today. You need to make a call, you need to set up a meeting, you need to follow up on a invoice, everything. Move through the days tasks go on via swiping left/right across the screen or using the Calendar icon at the bottom of the screen for a month view.

At any time, tap and hold on any of your list items and the list will change to a ‘sortable’ mode. You can then change the order for you to work through just by dragging the items.

Part of the reason for entering as much detail as possible is the search (magnify glass icon at the bottom of the screen) feature. Rather than spending a lot of time trying code every entry, just use keywords right in the line item. Then, later search for specific subject, That List App will show a list of the tasks you have with that word, highlighted.

Following the thinking of Getting Things Done, those things you did not finish get moved to tomorrow. That List App makes this easy, rotating your iPad to Landscape view will show you today and tomorrow. Each of your items has an arrow next to it that tapping will move that item to the next day.


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