Wireless transfer files to your iPad – using the Free Apple Messenger app

The iPad has a ‘Messenger’ app for texting, even if it doesn’t have the cell network feature. Text messages are delivered over the iPad’s Wifi connection to the Internet.

One of the features mentioned arriving to our Apple notebooks with the new OS, Mountain Lion, is Messenger. Yes, it does connect the computer and iPad via text messages. If you want to jump in early, Messenger is available in Beta for the current Mac OS Lion (jump to Apple info here). The software on the Mac will let you send text messages to iPad and iPhones.

If you have used Messenger on your iPad/iPhone before, you know you can attach images to a ‘text’ message in Messenger. Actually, you can attach PDF and Documents too! From your Mac computer, drag a file onto your iPad’s Messenger ID and hit send. On the iPad, the document will show up in line like it was a regular text. If you tap on the document, it will open in a viewer within the iPad’s Messenger. From there, you can use the ‘Open In’ option to send the document to a specialty app on your iPad like GoodReader or Numbers. There may be size limits to just how big a document you can send over the Messenger network, but our spreadsheets and multi page documents have not hit that ceiling yet. Remember, this is Messenger, which means you can distribute the document to everyone you have an ID for, this isn’t just 1:1 relationship between your Mac and iPad.


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