Cases for the iPad2 and iPad3… iPad HD? Or just ‘New’ iPad?

This Friday marks the date there will be a path well worn to the mail room. There is a few of the ‘new’ iPads on their way to happy new homes. Expect to see a few write ups from us on working with a variety of iPads since we continue to have Classic iPads and many iPad2 units will be intermixed with the new iOS hardware.

Since we really use our iPads everyday, all day, we all have some level of protection to keep away scratches and dents. The race is on for the perfect case for the new slightly thicker hardware. Visiting Griffin Technology, we found a few that are shown as ready for the new iPads.

We’ll start off with the fun one in the group. The Elan Folio Cabana – completely covers your new iPad for full protection. The case cover has magnets to turn the iPad on when opening and off when closing, flipping back to make a two way stand.

The fun continues all the way around the iPad. The Elan Folio Cabana stripes are across the front and back of the case with the nice blue or red accent.

The IntelliCase comes in a variety of colors. Covering both the front and back of the new iPad without adding much bulk. The front cover is similar to the Apple Smart Cover as it folds and has the same on/off capability when you open/close the face cover.

While the front of the IntelliCase looks like a Apple Smart Cover, the back of the iPad is covered in a hard shell.

The Elan Folio is a full wrap around case with soft leather for a professional look and feel. With the iPad in the case, there is still full access to the Home button, universal connector and the iPad’s camera.


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