Editing photos on the iPad does not have to be complicated

There are things about every app we use that we love and that we like less. When it comes to photo editing on the iPad, the office is pretty divided about which tool to use. We have covered a few here and are working on a couple posts around a couple options that are turning out to be real winners. All of these are pretty advanced tools though that the average person will just tap the outer edge of their capabilities.

An option we came across while looking for a quick, easy to use solution is Process. It is priced at half to a third the price of the big name photo editors. And, it gives a lot of power to bring out the most in photos without having to have the manual handy (although there is a help built in).

Process is a universal app so you can load your single purchased copy on your iPad and iPhone making your photo editing very mobile. It allows for fine pin point tuning of the skin in a face photo, to applying a dramatic effect to a full image. We like the quick apply/unapply button so we can see if we are taking the image in the right direction. The ‘close up’ loupe makes those smaller enhancements easier to see between those before and after changes are applied.

Laying of filters and changes means that you don’t have to make a change, save the photo to your iPad’s photo library then reopen to apply more effects like with less expensive photo editor apps. With Process supporting layers, you can apply a effect, then apply another effect so you are able to work quicker towards the image result you are looking for. After applying the effects, you can change the settings to use that same group of edits to another photo. These Process effects groupings can be moved via the cloud between your iPad and iPhones so you don’t have to recreate on each device.


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