Fast and efficient photo editing on the iPad – PhotoToaster on sale today!

We have covered many photo editing apps that are just like their big desktop counterparts. Able to apply layers of changes, cloning, and tuning a tiny point on a image. PhotoToaster isn’t that. This universal app is about tuning the overall image, very quickly. Every change is applied in near real time without changing the original photo. Did we mention that PhotoToaster is on sale right now?

Bring an image in from your iPad’s photo library, take a new image or use one that you ‘copied’ into the iPad’s clipboard. Across the top is Crop, Rotate and Straighten (and ‘reset’). Undo/redo buttons are handy too if you realize a change you made three steps ago isn’t going to work. Across the bottom is access to ‘all’ of the enhancements, then enhancements broken down by category; Lighting, Effects, Vignette, Textures and Borders. All of these open into thumbnail views to sweep through and choose. PhotoToaster applies the effects very quickly so you can play a bit to get to your desired result.

Every PhotoToaster effect has a level of fine tuning adjusting sliders. The filters built into the app cover fun to serious.

The button along the top of the screen that carries the Crop option also has ‘Remove Noise’. This option also has a tuning bar like the color adjusters above. Give it a try on your images to see if a bit of automated clean up is needed. Like other PhotoToaster enhancements, you can save or go back without altering the image too. Photos saved to the iPad’s photo library are at 3025 × 2279, if you attach to an email it is downsized to 800 x 602 automatically.


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